Zacks Custom Indexes

A History of Innovation

Zacks Investment Management’s Index Services division has a successful history of developing innovative custom indexes used by ETF sponsors as the methodology for 14 ETFs, as well as numerous Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), which have raised significant AUM.

Idea generation and continual support after product launch make Zacks Index Services division a proven valued partner.


Custom Indexes Created to Meet Your Specific Needs

Our team of Quantitative Analysts and Portfolio Managers utilize Zacks proprietary backtesting software and the Zacks databases (containing price, fundamental, consensus, insider, and institutional holdings data) to produce results that lead to innovative and actionable results for the most complex custom index assignments.

We can help you create clearly defined strategies aligned with your goals with repeatable, transparent methodologies designed to be effective across market cycles.


Proprietary Zacks Rank Indexes Based on the Zacks Rank Method

The Zacks Rank Method is a proven, quantitative process which assigns a stock a specific rank (ranging from Strong Buy to Strong Sell) based on our time tested estimate revision/surprise equity model.

Click here for a detailed description and history of the proven Zacks Rank Method.