Zacks Multi-Asset Income Index

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as of 06/27/2024


Index Description

The Zacks Multi-Asset Income Index selection methodology is designed to identify companies with potentially high income and superior risk-return profiles. The objective of the Index is to select a diversified group of securities with the potential to have a yield in excess of and outperform, on a risk adjusted basis, the Dow Jones US Select Dividend Index and other benchmark indices. The Index constituent selection methodology utilizes multi-factor proprietary selection rules to identify those securities that offer the greatest potential from a yield and risk/return perspective while maintaining industry diversification. The approach is specifically designed to enhance investment applications and investability. The constituent selection process, as well as the ranking, reconstitution and rebalancing of the Index, is repeated quarterly.


The Benefits of a Multi-Asset Investment Structure


1. Accessing multiple asset classes to realize regular, sustained returns with the goal of achieving a reasonable rate of return

2. In a low growth environment, dividends may compensate for lower price appreciation

3. Investors are better positioned to manage volatility and mitigate risk as its unlikely that returns from various asset classes will move in the same direction over time


as of 06/27/2024

Top 10 Holdings

Downloadas of 06/27/2024

Company Name
Index Weight
ARLP Alliance Resource Partners L.P. 1.32%
DKS Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. 1.14%
IRM Iron Mountain Inc. 1.13%
JPM-L JPMorgan Chase & Co. 1.13%
JPM-K JPMorgan Chase & Co. 1.13%
SLG Sl Green Realty Corp 1.12%
OXLC Oxford Lane Capital Corp COM 1.11%
EXR Extra Space Storage Inc. 1.11%
BAC-Q Bank of America Corp. 1.10%
CVS CVS Health Corp 1.10%
Exposure Breakdowns
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