Zacks Micro Cap Index

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    Daily Percentage Change
  • 50.71

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as of 04/11/2024


Index Description

The Zacks Micro Cap Index is designed to identify a group of micro-cap stocks with the greatest potential to outperform passive benchmark micro-cap indexes and other actively managed U.S. micro-cap strategies. Due to their low correlation to large, medium and small-sized companies, micro caps may complement existing blended portfolios by improving risk-adjusted performance. The Index constituent selection methodology utilizes a proprietary methodology that identifies securities that offer the greatest potential to outperform on both an absolute and risk adjusted basis while maintaining industry diversification.

as of 04/11/2024

Top 10 Holdings

Downloadas of 04/11/2024

Company Name
Index Weight
NUVB Nuvation Bio Inc 0.34%
AUR Aurora Innovation Inc 0.34%
REX Rex American Resources Corp 0.32%
IAG IAMGOLD Corp 0.32%
REVG Rev Group Inc 0.31%
NWTN NWTN Inc 0.31%
GATO Gatos Silver Inc 0.30%
EGO Eldorado Gold Corp 0.29%
CRS Carpenter Technology Corporation 0.29%
EGY Vaalco Energy Inc 0.29%
Exposure Breakdowns
as of 04/11/2024
as of 04/11/2024