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as of 08/30/2019


Index Description

The Zacks Global Multi-Asset Income Index selection methodology is designed to identify companies with potentially high income and superior risk-return profiles as determined by Zacks. The objective of the Index is to select a diversified group of stocks with the potential to have a yield in excess of and outperform, on a risk adjusted basis, comparable benchmark indices. The methodology utilizes multi-factor proprietary selection rules to identify those stocks that offer the greatest potential from a yield and risk/return perspective while maintaining global diversification. The approach is specifically designed to enhance investment applications and investability. The Index is adjusted semiannually, or as required, to assure timely stock selections.

as of 08/30/2019

Top 10 Holdings

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Company Name
Index Weight
ZAXIH Zacks International Yield Hog Index 58.43%
.ZAXYH Zacks Yield Hog Index 41.57%
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