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as of 07/19/2019


Index Description


The Summit Zacks Global Water Index is comprised of approximately 30 to 50 equities selected from a stringently defined universe of U.S. and international companies with a significant portion of their business activities dedicated to the global water industry.  The Index is comprised of two segments, Water Utilities and Water Industrials, and individual positions are selected using a “smart” methodology designed to identify those companies that offer the greatest potential from a yield and risk/return perspective while maintaining global diversification.  The strategy utilizes a proprietary three-factor model that ranks the data points that have been determined through rigorous testing to be the most relevant to company valuation and profitability in the global water industry.  A weighting scheme based on dividend yield rather than market capitalization is further applied to enhance the overall yield of the Index.  The Index was created in collaboration with Summit Water Capital Advisors, which has been designing investment strategies in the global water industry for more than 25 years.

as of 07/19/2019

Top 10 Holdings

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Company Name
Index Weight
GWA AT Equity Gwa Group Ltd 4.87%
GEBN SE Equity Geberit Ag 4.37%
AGUAS/A CC Equity Aguas Andinas Sa 4.30%
021240 KP Equity Woongjin Coway Co Ltd 4.15%
TTW TB Equity Ttw Pcl 4.14%
UPONOR FH Equity Uponor Oyj 3.94%
9551 JT Equity Metawater Co Ltd 3.77%
PLP LN Equity Polypipe Group Plc 3.71%
PNN LN Equity Pennon Group Plc 3.67%
ACE IM Equity Acea Spa 3.67%
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