Zacks Sustainable Dividend Index

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as of 08/16/2017


Index Description

The Zacks Sustainable Dividend Index seeks to maximize dividend income by selecting dividend-paying stocks from the largest 1,500, by market capitalization, U.S.-listed equities as well as outperform, on a risk-adjusted basis, the S&P 1500 Dividend Index and other dividend benchmarks. The Index constituent selection methodology utilizes multi-factor proprietary selection rules to identify those stocks that offer the most attractive risk/return potential. The Index, seeking to maximize dividend sustainability at the time of each rebalance, is designed to eliminate companies that have recently paid a dividend and include those companies that are expected to pay dividends. The Index is adjusted on a monthly basis.

as of 08/16/2017

Top 10 Holdings

Downloadas of 08/16/2017

Company Name
Index Weight
APO Apollo Global Management LLC 2.50%
PEI Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust 2.19%
FE FirstEnergy Corp 2.07%
TGT Target Corp 1.95%
CBL CBL & Associates Properties Inc 1.86%
ETR Entergy Corp 1.73%
TLRD Tailored Brands Inc 1.69%
KSS Kohls Corp 1.66%
PBI Pitney Bowes Inc 1.62%
PFE Pfizer Inc 1.46%
Exposure Breakdowns
as of 05/31/2017
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