Zacks MLP High Income Index

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as of 07/21/2017


Index Description

The Zacks MLP Index selects 25 Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) utilizing a methodology proprietary to Zacks. The objective of the Index is to select a group of MLPs with the potential to yield and outperform on a risk adjusted basis the S&P 500 Index and other benchmark indices. The Index constituent selection methodology utilizes multi-factor proprietary selection rules to identify those MLPs that offer the greatest yield by assessing various factors, including yield, liquidity, and relative value. The approach is specifically designed to enhance investment applications and investability. Index reconstitution will begin quarterly after the close of the last business day of January, April, July, and October.


The Benefits of MLPs


1. MLPs have historically exhibited low correlation to stocks and bonds

2. MLPs may provide attractive dividends to income oriented investors

3. Gain exposure to pipeline businesses that experience steady income from transport of oil, gasoline or natural gas and access to the U.S. energy infrastructure sector

4. MLPs combine the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of publicly-traded securities.


as of 07/21/2017

Top 10 Holdings

Downloadas of 07/21/2017

Company Name
Index Weight
SXCP SunCoke Energy Partners LP 4.79%
GLOP GasLog Partners LP 4.26%
WNRL Western Refining Logistics LP 4.24%
SMLP Summit Midstream Partners LP 4.24%
IEP Icahn Enterprises LP 4.22%
SUN Sunoco LP 4.20%
APU Amerigas Partners LP 4.19%
EPD Enterprise Products Partners LP 4.19%
WPZ Williams Partners LP 4.18%
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners LP 4.08%
Exposure Breakdowns
as of 05/31/2017
as of 05/31/2017