Our Approach

Innovation and Customization

Zacks Index Services has a successful history of developing innovative custom indexes. Over the past year, we have launched the first indexes based on the Zacks Rank and the first gold beta index. Our indices provide exposures to multi-asset, different market capitalization, and both developed and emerging markets. At Zacks Index Services, we constantly enhance the breadth and depth of our indices to stay ahead of the crowd.


Strong Foundation

Zacks Index Services, a division of Zacks Investment Management, has access to the powerful resources of Zacks. The most notable one is the Zacks Rank, a quantitative stock-ranking system which is purely mathematical and not influenced by the analysts on Wall Street. Other resources include Zacks proprietary back-testing software, Zacks databases, Zacks Quality…

Zacks Earnings Indexes: First indexes based on Zacks Rank


A Trusted Brand

Zacks Investment Research, our parent company, is one of the largest independent research firms in the United States. For over 30 years, Zacks has provided equity research to individual and institutional investors including Morgan Stanley, UBS, Piper Jaffray and Deutsche Bank. At Zacks, we are committed to providing you with optimal performance.