Index Development

Indices based on Zacks quantitative models are utilized by leading sponsors of UITs and ETFs allowing individual investors access to a broad range of asset classes and investment strategies. Zacks has a successful history of strategy creation within our firm as well as strategy completion based on the needs of product sponsors and their clients. Ideas that originate within Zacks are based on the ground breaking research methods developed under the leadership of Len, Ben and Mitch Zacks.

Strategy completion based on the needs of a sponsor result in highly effective Zacks solutions. Zacks can create internally driven ideas or customized methodologies for you

The differentiating factor in what sets us apart from other index providers is how we view the indexing world and how we’ve been able to stay ahead of it. We know there are no short cuts to successful investing. At the heart of everything we do is academic research. Countless hours are spent researching the markets, the anomalies, the subtle changes in financial statements that lead us to a conclusion; a thesis if you will. This “thesis” becomes the structure upon which we design, build, back test and maintain investment strategies. The result of our independent research can provide the foundation for your success.

Think of Zacks as your one-stop-shop for all your index service needs. Not only can we assist in providing the basis upon which investment products, such as ETFs, UITs, OEFs, CEFs and SMAs, can be created, we also provide guidance and offer consulting and advisory services tailored to your specific needs. At Zacks, you will get unparalleled customer service with cutting edge technology.